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LQ003–LC43P Made with Jol 247

Not your ordinary margarita. Sip cautiously.

Spiked perfume, as citrus and tequila mingle. An intoxicatingly aromatic sip. Attar gives fragrance a new meaning.

Tequila Reposado, JOL 247 Infusion*, Juice of 1 Lime, Orange Liqueur

*JOL 247 Infusion

Steep 8 oz JOL 247 blend
Strain blend into pot
Add 2.5 tsp of sugar
Mix until sugar dissolves
Cool for 10 minutes


Place ice cubes into cocktail shaker
Pour 60 ml tequila reposado into cocktail shaker
Pour 30 ml orange liqueur into cocktail shaker
Squeeze juice of 1 lime into cocktail shaker
Add 80 ml of JOL 247 infusion into cocktail shaker
Shake vigorously for 20 seconds
Place large ice cube into glass
Strain cocktail over large ice cube
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