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LQ002–C701S Made with Baal

Aromatic, and simply delicious. Sip cautiously.

Sip with anticipation as the essence of violet and citrus flow across your palate. The allure of BAAL accents MAUVE with sharp notes of lavender. An amaranthine awakening.

Gin, Crème De Violette, BAAL Infusion*, Fresh Lemon Juice, Orange Liqueur

*BAAL Infusion

Steep 8 oz BAAL blend
Strain blend into pot
Add 2.5 tsp of sugar
Mix until sugar dissolves
Cool for 10 minutes


Place ice cubes into cocktail shaker
Pour 60 ml gin into cocktail shaker
Pour 30 ml crème de violette into cocktail shaker
Add 45 ml BAAL infusion into cocktail shaker
Squeeze 22.5 ml of fresh lemon juice into cocktail shaker
Pour 15 ml orange liqueur into cocktail shaker
Shake vigirously for 20 seconds
Place single large ice sphere into glass
Strain cocktail directly onto large ice sphere
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