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LQ001–C051A Made with Origin

A synergy of spices. Sip cautiously.

Enamored by aroma and journeyed through spice; what was once nomadic has now found home. Strong hints of cardamom accentuate this bourbon-based drip. There’s nothing old-fashioned about it.

Bourbon, Aromatic Bitters, ORIGIN Infusion*, Orange Rind

*ORIGIN Infusion

Steep 8 oz ORIGIN blend
Strain blend into pot
Add 2.5 tsp of sugar
Mix until sugar dissolves
Cool for 10 minutes


Place single large ice cube in glass
Pour 45 ml bourbon onto ice
Add 75 ml ORIGIN infusion
Add 2 dashes of aromatic bitters
Stir ingredients gently to promote dilution
Squeeze orange rind over glass to release citrus oils
Place orange rind into glass
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